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Utilifeed provides tools for energy use analysis, both simple, traditional methods and modern, complex applications making use of sophisticated data science. Degree day adjustments have been used over 100 years as a quick and reliable method for energy use comparisons, and our automatic calculation and delivery system provides effortless access to this data. For a more detailed picture of the energy performance of individual buildings, see our application EnergyPredict.

Energy analysis using Degree days

Degree day adjustment is a quick and easy method for normalising the energy usage of a building or network. The normalised energy use is comparable between different years, which makes it possible to evaluate how the relative energy need and efficiency has developed for individual buildings or entire energy networks. You can purchase degree-days from our webshop today, and enjoy our convenient delivery options as well as the ability to adjust base temperature with a single click.

Benefits of Degree days from Utilifeed:
  • Your data will be easily accessible and visualised via your account on our website.
  • Options for single purchase or automatic subscriptions.
  • Options for automatic data provided via email.
  • Possibility to automate data collection via our application programming interface (API).
  • Historical data from 1997 included with all subscriptions.
  • Any location in Sweden available with high resolution.
  • Automatically choose base temperature to suit your need.
  • Data collected fresh from the SMHI analysis model Mesan.
  • Degree days calculated according to EN ISO 15927-6:2007.

Analysis using EnergyPredict

EnergyPredict lets you make predictions and normalisations based on the actual characteristics of individual buildings. A model is created using machine learning capable of taking into account hundreds of factors affecting energy usage, including temperatures, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, time of day and day of the week.

EnergyPredict lets you reliably:
  • Normalise historical energy use for comparison.
  • Quickly evaluate the effects of energy efficiency measures.
  • Observe how energy usage changes over time
  • Predict how much energy a building will use after the most recent renovations during an unusually cold winter.
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Additional services

We are currently in the development stage of many services aimed towards residential building owners. Keep an eye on our news feed for all exciting new developments. If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding standardised services related to measurement analysis and district heating, we're always interested in discussions that will aid us in developing the most useful and desired products.

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