Our smart energy solutions create value for customers and the environment.

Utilifeed is a young company that provides web-based services for district heating utility providers and customers. Our solutions combine industrial expertise with modern IT-infrastructure and data analysis, creating user-friendly but powerful tools which enable increased resource utilisation, improved customer relations and reduced environmental footprint.

Our Services

For Utility Providers

Through our extensive experience with district heating we have found that a number of processes and activities could be made more efficient by applying modern IT-technology. Most of our applications are built on a thorough analysis and processing of measurement data, from which new insights and bases for business decisions can be drawn. Our services are available as web applications, and in some cases APIs, allowing for integration with existing systems.
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For Building Owners

Our web services give residential building owners simple access to energy usage analysis tools. We provide degree-day data via web interface or API for quick and simple evaluations. For managers interested in a more detailed view of how energy usage develops on a per-building level, we have developed EnergyPredict, a powerful tool capable of notifying users of changes in building energy usage patterns.
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Our Methodology

Digitalisation has in recent years brought sweeping changes to practically every industry. Some claim it to be a necessity for survival for a traditional business, yet it is often difficult to define what digitalisation would entail for any given company. These sector-wide digital reforms are often initiated by newly formed parties with little prior history within the market.

In order to realise the full potential of digital solutions, you should be unburdened by the current structures and processes. We at Utilifeed hope to be a part of the digital transformation of the energy distribution industry. We possess a deep understanding of the challenges, processes and products of modern energy utilities. We believe the best use of this knowledge is to transform it into digital services designed to reach and support a large number of companies and customers.

Utilifeed is a young company, founded in 2016 alongside our first successful test application demonstrations. During 2017, our first services will be made publicly available, as we hope to gain a large number of friends and customers in the energy sector.

We are Utilifeed

Samuel Jansson

Founder and CEO

A former management consultant with an executive MBA and ten years experience in business- and service development within the energy sector. Founded Utilifeed to actualise the many opportunities IT-solutions provide within continuous analysis and process automation.

+46 (0)708 19 75 08

Johan Kensby

Co-founder and CTO

An expert within smart energy grids and buildings with a Ph.D. from Chalmers University of Technology. In addition to his research, Johan has experience in industrial applications with Göteborg Energi and Euroheat & Power.

+46 (0) 706 53 13 73

Jens Carlsson

Systems Analyst

An M.Sci. from Chalmers University of Technology with a background in both energy distribution and complex adaptive systems, as well as a Celsius City Supporter who developed a prototype load balancing system active in Gothenburg.

+46 (0) 723 28 13 73

Linnea Johansson

Data Scientist

An M.Sci. from Uppsala University with experience in modelling, optimization and energy systems. Has previously developed machine learning algorithms used for predictive maintenance of gas turbines at Siemens.

+46 (0) 76 304 35 35


Nu söker vi Projektledare & Systemutvecklare inom Energisystemoptimering

Thu 08 Feb 2018

Är du hungrig på nya utmaningar och skulle älska att arbeta med optimering av komplexa energisystem? Blir du motiverad av att vara en viktig del i uppbyggnaden av ett nytt tillväxtföretag inom energibranschen? Då kan det här vara helt rätt ...

Nytt projekt med Energiforsk

Thu 08 Feb 2018

Utilifeed har fått förtroendet att utreda hur stort det ekonomiska värdet och besparingen av primära energiresurser och koldioxid kan bli med flexibel efterfrågan. Projektet drivs inom ramen för Energiforsks program Futureheat som har syftet att ta fram den kunskap som ...

Nu startar pilotprojektet Smart Fjärrvärmeanalys

Fri 22 Dec 2017

I samarbete med tre av Skandinaviens mest framsynta och nytänkande energiföretag, Fortum Oslo Varme, Göteborg Energi och Jönköping Energi har vi nu startat upp pilotprojektet Smart Fjärrvärmeanalys. Projektet innebär att Utilifeeds smarta analysalgoritmer kommer tillämpas på energiföretagens fjärrvärmemätvärden för att ...

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